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sabato, maggio 13, 2006

RR64 3.0 RC1 rilasciata!

RR64 Linux Logo
3.0RC1 (codename: may the power be with us)

RR64 Linux is the World's most complete GNU/Linux distribution based on Gentoo unstable. Flexibility, Beauty, Stability and Extreme Performance are all hallmarks of the RR64 experience². Welcome to a new dimension...


  • Greatly improved stability and functionality

  • Kernel (reiser4-gentoo-sources-2.6.16-r3) and Glibc 2.4

  • KDE 3.5.2 - GNOME 2.14.0 - XFCE 4.2.3 - Fluxbox 0.9.15

  • Gstreamer 0.10.4 and amaroK 1.4 beta 3 (with iPod support)

  • Out of the Box USB DVD Boot Support and out of the box USB HD Installation Support
  • GCC 4.0.x performance level

  • Latest XGL and Compiz from CVS for both GNOME and KDE (boot with "gentoo xgl" or "smp xgl")

  • Latest Proprietary drivers from ATi (8.24.8) and nVIDIA (8756)

  • X.Org 7.0.1 and optimized Fontconfig (2.3.94) for better Font performance

  • Kuroo 0.80.1 as the default Package Manager

  • NX Server and NX Client included (1.5.0)

  • VMWARE SCSI Hardisk support

  • 32bit Java and Firefox available out of the box

  • Complete Multimedia support

  • XsistenCe mode (External USB storage device + RR64 = your data and settings everywhere)

Questo significa avere una distro a 64 bit già pronta per l'uso, basata sula velocissima Gentoo, aggiornatissima con tutti i programmi come Java, Flash, W32 Codec che danno problemi sui sistemi a 64 bit. Ottimo lavoro fatto da un italiano, Fabio Erculani.